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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

US Roadtrip - New York and Toasty Upgrade

September 1, 2017

States:  1 (New York)
Capitals:  1 (Albany, NY)
Distance Traveled: 67 miles today / 1,349 miles total
Time Traveled: 2 hrs today / 28 hrs total

After the upgrades to Toasty, we went down the road to Albany.  The outskirts of the city were nothing impressive - just some small 2-3 story blocks with restaurants and apartments, but the true center of the city was amazing!  Huge office buildings, castle type architecture and stately columns combine to form a sophisticated yet antique look.  The capitol itself is a Gothic type building that has a much different look from any of the capitols that we have seen.  Behind the capitol lies a huge reflecting pond, surrounded by other impressive buildings - four identical, tall government buildings on one side of the pond in a row and an oblong shaped theater on the other side called The Egg.  All in all, we were very impressed with the city and surrounding parks.

Grasshopper tacos!  We found a local Mexican place just down the main street from the capitol in Albany.

Instead of kicking, we took it easy in front of the Albany capitol.  Well, we actually did our kicks as well, but we wanted to change it up a bit.

The reflecting pond with the capitol in the background, The Egg (a theater) on the right, and 2 of the 4 identical government buildings on the left.  This area was really impressive and turned out to be one of our favorite capitols.

Down the main street from the capitol into the business district.

Some of the typical streets leaving the capitol and heading through the edge of Albany.

One campus of the State University of New York (SUNY) at the bottom of the hill in Albany.

The sleeping platform - it has many nooks and crannies with storage underneath, allowing us to sleep in the car while keeping our things below.  It was custom designed by RamblerDan, a Honda Element enthusiast that had to get rid of his car, so he wanted someone else to be able to use his creations. (Photocredit: RamblerDan)

With the newly installed sleeping platform and our bags stuffed underneath.


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