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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

US Roadtrip - Vermont - Route 100 and a hint of New Hampshire

September 4 and 5, 2017

States:  2 (Vermont, New Hampshire)
Capitals:  0 (--)
Distance Traveled: 195 miles in two days / 1,692 miles total
Time Traveled: 4.75 hrs in two days / 37.25 hrs total

Driving the beautiful backroads of Vermont, we zigzagged across the state, stopping off at waterfalls and overlooks along the way, mostly passing through rolling green mountains, fields of wildflowers and scenic farms with fields of green and the striking red barns.  Route 100 was touted as a scenic drive, so we took the long way to get across the narrow state, heading up to the Green Mountains and basically doing a big loop around the mountains and coming back down to end up in Hanover, New Hampshire, just across the border.  In Hanover (and back on the VT side of the river), we met up with old friends of ours, toured the Dartmouth campus and had a great time catching up and relaxing for a bit.

One of the ubiquitous beautiful views crossing over the Green Mountains

The rocky gorge of Warren Falls

Moss Glen Falls of Granville, not to be confused with Moss Glen Falls near Stowe (pictures of that one in a later post coming up)

The drive is full of beautiful countryside, so we never got tired of the views

Just as if a painter had set up the scene, cute red barns dot the farmland

One of the small towns along the way with their typical main street, a big church and not much else

One of the more famous covered bridges of Vermont at Taftsville

Looking down on Quechee Gorge from the bridge above.  We didn't even know about this place but happened to pass it on the way to see Looch and Tamara (our friends living near Dartmouth), so we obviously had to make a quick photo stop

The ninja kicks continue, this time with Looch right outside the main quad of Dartmouth.  The campus was beautiful, and as Looch had gone to medical school there, he was a great tour guide to show us the area and the stories of the school

Downtown Hanover, a few blocks away from Dartmouth campus

Making the best of a rainy day, we hid away in a quiet library in the tower of one of the main buildings in Dartmouth, feeling like we were in the archives of an old British library somewhere across the pond (or perhaps in a Harry Potter movie).  If you look closely enough, you can see Looch in his beloved white sweatshirt and Maria in her reading nook

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  1. Wonderful! I haven't seen this new page yet! Congrats :)


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