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Monday, November 14, 2016

Save Big on Medication - Travel Drugs Don't Have to Be So Expensive

US prescription drug prices are ridiculous these days.  But if you're traveling to some developing countries, you don't want to be without certain medications to help protect yourself.  Typhoid and Hepatitis A can be acquired from tainted food and water - something MANY of us are exposed to when indulging in the delicious street food of so many delicious cuisines.

Malaria and other insect-borne diseases present a very serious threat and shouldn't be ignored.

While it's not exciting to think about travel medication, it's very important and should be factored into the cost of any trip.  With our long trip to SE Asia being basically covered by a malarial region, we needed medication to protect against this and other issues.  (We use doxycycline, in case anyone is wondering.)

Cost Savings
After consulting with our travel doctor (Dr. James Adkins - he does a great job!), we took our prescriptions to the local pharmacy, but the price of the drugs was incredibly high.  In the US healthcare market, though, this doesn't always have to be the final price.  If you have generous health insurance and drug coverage, you can probably get a good deal on some of these, but if not, please look into a few FREE websites that offer discount codes/coupons.  You simply go to these websites, enter the drug you need and print out the coupon codes.

We saved 75%-80% on our medication, simply by taking a few minutes to print coupons.  This amounted to about $1,200 in savings.

There are plenty of them out there if you do a Google search for discount pharmacy codes or something similar, but we used and

Check them out - no commission or anything here, just trying to pass along a great savings that we found.


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